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Living in your dream community offers you more with its features and amenities. Equipped with passion and expertise Georgia club is determined to provide luxurious living and bring it to a different level. You are welcomed by the artfully landscaped main entrance gate. Enter inside by driving in the concrete road network or have a calming stroll in the side walk and gutter. Experience the beauty and healing powers of nature just outside your doorstep.

The community is surrounded by 1,200 trees over 50 years old such as Narra, Mahogany, Acacia, and Gmelina and other plant species. It is also a haven for 25 different species of birds identified by the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines. Add the classy pocket gardens and fountain that gives additional charm. It is living the healthy lifestyle with fresh air and unpolluted environment proven by the presence of lichen and fireflies.  Anything is more fun to do in the absence of all the distractions and noise that drains the life out of you. Take pleasure in outdoor activities to the fullest with different ways a resident can choose from. There is the Peachtree Clubhouse with outdoor dining tables and a barbecue pit.

They also have the Daisy Park.  It only gets better with a swimming pool just around the corner. Have a party with neighbors and friends or simply have a relaxing swim. Enjoy different sports with the convertible basketball and tennis court or get a little more creative with other sports that you enjoy. Children would gladly enjoy the playroom and tree house where they can spend their energy and have memorable activities playing inside the picture of a fairytale book. Anywhere in the area can simply be a setting for a photo shoot that you may take shots for happily anticipated events.

You may just also to take your time out and enjoy the refreshing scenic view, meditate and bring back all the positive things in life. All of these activities can be experienced even without a long list of plans and heavy budget. After enjoying everything, you are not extra tired as you go back without the long drive or traffic. It is living the life of luxury while keeping your physical and mental health in the best shape. It is not all about aesthetics but convenience and exclusivity as well. Georgia club gives strict attention to details. It has an underground drainage system and secured with a perimeter fence and a security guard on duty.  

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